We Declare and Decree                    1 - 14

1. That the House Bill 5 will not pass in the Senate.

2. That Christian daycares or schools not be forced to hire LGBTQ employees.

3. That schools be prohibited from teaching and encouraging children to embrace

     the LGBTQ lifestyle.

4. That parents not be stopped from declining hormone treatments for

     gender-confused children.

5. That we not be forced to live under and embrace LGBTQ beliefs and choices.

6. That the privacy given to women and girls in public bathrooms, locker rooms,

     showers and battered women's shelters not be taken from them.

7. That a man, claiming to be a woman, not be allowed residence in a women's


8. That female athletes not be unfairly penalized by allowing biological men to 

      compete in women's sports.

9. That doctors and others who provide legitimate hormone treatments and 

     surgical procedures for patients, not be forced to offer treatments for

     individuals with gender dysphoria.

10. That HB5 not be allowed to take away our rights.

11. That the Equality Act would not be exempt from the RFRA.

12. That the churches and houses of worship not be required to violate their

      beliefs regarding how they use their facilities.

13. That the Equality Act would not inhabit faith-based charities' ability to operate. 

14. That the Equality Act not be allowed to mandate an anti-life, anti-family aganda

       upon all Americans.